A new identity brings new life to the Treasure Valley’s largest locally owned health food store. 


Peppershock is delighted to be helping World of Nutrition (or, affectionately “WON,”) express their playful, down to earth brand. Since creating their custom logo back in May, we have worked closely with them to build a solid identity — everything from a monthly newsletter to storefront signage and event promotions. At WON, the Treasure Valley’s largest locally owned health food store, everyone is family. Thus, it was critical that their brand identity communicate their dedication to the community and to providing a natural and healthier way of life.

Brand Development Story

The World of Nutrition logo was developed from a hand-drawn sketch, giving the logo a personal touch. The texture from the original sketch makes the mark feel more “natural,” one of the key words we use to describe WON. The lines and shapes of the letters have small imperfections, much like we find in nature. The lines are also meant to feel organic as if they have grown or sprouted from the ground. The leaf-like element is like a freshly picked herb, full of nutrients. The blue and green colors can also symbolize health. The “w,” “o” and “n” are connected together to symbolize the closeness and connectivity within the WON community. The earth enclosed in a circle can also represent community.