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Adobe Media Player Comparable to iTunes

Tagline from Adobe Media Player site, "Watch what you want, when you want."The Adobe Media Player acts similarly to iTunes whereas viewers are able to subscribe to and automatically download content to their library. Whether the content is a TV…
Drew Allen
July 22, 2008

What is WeBlogIdaho?

WeBlogIdaho is an extension of Peppershock Media Productions.  It's a culmination of businesses we help promote, the organizations and events we're involved in as well as fun info about new media, traditional media, technology, advertising, etc. We'll be featuring a…
Drew Allen
July 2, 2008

For the Love of Politics – BYP Event Podcast

March 18 - For the Love of Politics Six young, politically involved panelists discuss how they got into politics and how young professionals can get involved. The focus is on involvement in politics, rather than debating specific political issues.For The…
Drew Allen
March 18, 2008