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Fresh Marketing and Event Management Workshop

Join the 2012 kick-off crew from Peppershock Media & Meeting Systems, Inc. for an interactive and highly informative workshop. Learn 2012 marketing strategies and event tactics to launch a stellar year for your organization. NAMPA CIVIC CENTER WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11th,…
Drew Allen
December 13, 2011

Wondering Where to Invest?

In the days and months to come, we consider where the economy will take us. Many look to history for similar stories and outcomes. Looking at the stock market crash in 1929 and the Great Depression that followed might be…
September 15, 2010

Plan Now for a Beefy 4th Quarter

The end of each year brings a multitude of business opportunities for a broad spectrum of organizations. The bottom line is this; the majority of consumers are spending more money on holidays and events AND other businesses are ramping up…
July 13, 2010